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Student Chapters

Steps Needed to Open a Students’ Chapter at Engineering Colleges/Polytechnics :

Initial request from an engineering college/a polytechnic to be made to Secretary and Director General of IEI expressing desire to open a students’ chapter at the Engineering College/Polytechnic mentioning the branches of engineering (to be opened in the engineering college/polytechnic).

Acknowledgement of the request shall be made by the Secretariat of IEI. A copy of the Rules for opening of a Chapter may be downloaded ( by the prospective Engineering College/Polytechnic Chapter with the following criteria to be made subsequently :
    • Appointment of Branchwise Advisor by the Management of Engineering College
    • Appointment of an Adviser by the Management of the Polytechnic
    • Dissemination of details of fee structure (given below) for both engineering college/polytechnic students along with Headquarters’ share of individual members
    • Generation of a chapter code by IEI (for the purpose of all future communication) and inform the same to adviser of engineering college/polytechnic
    • Access of Guidelines for conducting technical activities
    • Membership form [for engineering college Students’ Members (ECSC) and Polytechnic Students’ Member (PSC)] (given below)

    After receiving the final request from an Engineering College/a Polytechnic duly authenticated and approved by IEI, the Chapter may download the Membership Form for the purpose of enrolment of student members. The duly filled-in Application forms (either the ECSC or the PSC) the respective Advisor/s of the Engineering College/Polytechnic will then put the membership no. (in three places on the form itself) and then the bottom portion be de-linked from the original form. The bottom portion of the form has two parts –one for the purpose of retention by the Chapter (for official records) and the other part for the respective student member of the Chapter.

    The entire bunch of upper portion of all forms (duly filled-in) along with a complete list of student members of the Chapter (in the following format) are to be forwarded to the Secretariat for the purpose of record for future reference. The amount related to Headquarters’ share shall be made by a demand draft to be drawn in favour of ‘The Institution of Engineers (India)’, payable at Kolkata.

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