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General Questions








Other - Questions

General Questions

What are privileges as a Member ?

There are number of privileges. Please see Membership in details.

Who can become Member of IEI ?

Any engineer with minimum qualification mentioned in table can become member of the Institution without appearing for the examinations. Please see Membership for details.

Where do I get Membership forms ?

All types of membership forms are available at the Centres of the Institution free of charge. T /ST membership forms are available at nominal charge of Rs. 25/- between 9 a.m. & 9 pm.

What are the different catagories of membership?

There are three main catagories - Honorary, Corporate (Fellow, Member, Associate Member) & Non Corporate (Associate, Technicians etc) as per the professional experience & qualification.

What are the duties of Chartered Engineers?

?There is no specific functions identified by IEI for Chartered Engineers. However various authorities like Honourable High Courts, Lower Courts, Banks, Government bodies & other statutory bodies give special recognition to Chartered Engineers. Brief information about Chartered Engineer is as follows - "Every Corporate Member Fellow, Member and Associate Member is, and is entitled to describe himself as a Chartered Engineer, "Chartered Engineer" Certificate shall be issued by the Secretary and Director General only upon an application by the member ( FIE / MIE / AMIE )on a plain paper by a Corporate Member with fees of Rs 400.

Which Journals I am entitled to get as a member?

Members are entitled to get IEI publications "IEI News" & "Technorama" free of charge. In addition publications of local centres are also sent to the members attached. Technical journal of your choice are also available against payment of Rs 750 or Rs.500 (whole life subscription)

Can a member get transfer to the higher grade of membership?

Yes, one has to apply to HQ in prescribed form and send requisite fees. See Membership.

How can I change my registered address?

Corporate members can change their address by sending an intimation letter. T & ST members have to complete formalities as given in "Rules & Syllabus"

Can Engineering / Polytechnic students become members of the Institution?

Yes, students undergoing engineering education can also become members of the Institution. PLC has formed ECGC students can also take part in this cell.

Where can I get signature of supporters on my membership form?

Any Corporate member (F, M, AM) can be a supporter. A list of such corporate members is available with the Centre.

Can students become member of IEI after completing examinations?

Yes, Candidate can become "Associate" member after completion of both the sections.

Any specific period for applying for membership?

No, this activity is going on throughout the year.

How members are benefited by the Institution?

The Institution provides learned platform to have interaction of knowledge & experience with the seniors, experts etc. The programmes of the Institution helps members in updating their knowledge which otherwise is becoming obsolete. Various activities like library , seminars, courses etc. also helps the members developing their personality. The Institution also provides the members an opportunity through such programmes to sharpen their skills to face real life situations.


Who can be included in panel of examiners / referee for project?

Empanelment of examiners to work as paper setters, moderators & examiners is done by Head Quarters. Members having experience in this can write directly to the Director (EEA) at the Head Quarters.

Can one become Graduate/ Post Graduate Engineer without attending Engineering College?

Yes, such an unique opportunity is provided by the Institution. Please refer to the Flow Chart of AMIE Examination. Post Graduate Degree/Diploma are also started by the Institution.

Where do I get examination forms?

Examination forms are printed in "Rules & Syllabus". Members are required to use a Photocopy. Photocopy may be available at the Centers.

When can we appear for the examinations?

ST Members can appear for the examinations immediately after the registration. "T" members should be on the roll for at least one year before appearing for the examinations.

What is the last date of submission of Examination forms?

Candidates not appeared in previous winter examination
16th Feb to 14th March
in previous Summer Examinations
16 Aug to 14 Sept
Candidates appeared
in previous Winter Examinations
16th March to 15th April
in previous summer Examinations
18th Sept. to 15th Oct
Note : These dates are tentative dates. For latest information please refer to the announcement published in Technicians Journal

When does one get admit cards for the examinations?

Normally 4-5 days prior to commencement of examinations from the examination center. (The admit cards are required to be collected by the students)

When are the results declared?

Normally within 14 weeks after the examination.

Why does one have to undergo Project work?

Project work is intended for making a candidate competent in using his/her education & experience to undertake engineering functions / projects.

When are the examinations held?

Examinations are twice a year i.e.
June (Summer) & December (Winter.)

Is there any extension chance after of expiry stipulated period?

Such a decision is taken by Headquarters, Some times extension is given to some candidates on receipt of satisfactory evidence.

Is there any award for highest score / passing AMIE in minimum duration?

Yes, there are several awards instituted by the Head Quarters and also at the local level. List of prizewinners

Where can one get code numbers for subjects and centers?

These details are given in Appendix VI & VIII of volume I (Rules). Copies of these booklets are available at the Centers.

Can one change examination centre?

Candidate should normally select exam. Center within jurisdiction of their respective State /Local Centre. In exceptional circumstances candidate may be permitted to appear from other centre on receipt of satisfactory evidence produced alongwith the exam form


What are the activities of the Center?

All centres of the Institution work for advancement in Engineering & Technology. For this Centers organise number of activities some of which are given separately

Can non members participate in the activities of the Center?

Yes normally all the activities of the center are open to all members as well as non-members except wherever specifically mentioned. For seminars, courses, workshops etc nominal fees are charged.

Are there any programmes for Lady Engineers?

Yes, MSC has started a special cell for Lady Engineers - Women Engineers Cell Number of activities are organised on this platform. WEC meetings are held on First & Third Thursdays every month.
Any lady engineer, member or non-member can join WEC. There are no fees for this activity.

What are the Career Guidance opportunities provided by the Center?

MSC organises various career guidance programmes for young engineers. Courses for UPSC, MPSC, IES, GATE examinations in addition to the number of Workshops, Seminars etc are regularly held. Career development cell activities are held on First & Third Thursdays of the month.

Who can become member of the Library?

Any person, even non-members can utilize library facilities after paying requisite fees. See Library.

Who are the Teachers for AMIE Courses?

Experienced teachers from various engineering colleges & polytechnics are faculty members for Refresher courses.

Who can attend the Programmes?

Almost all the programmes are open to all free of charge (except where fees are mentioned) to members as well as NON MEMBERS.

What is the schedule of programmes?

Normally 3 - 4 lecture meetings on the latest topics in Engineering & Technology are arranged every month. In addition to this one seminar per month is also arranged.

Second Sunday of month : Committee Meeting

Are there special programmes for career guidance for fresh / young engineers?




Can Engineering diploma holder becomeEngineering Graduate?

Yes, engineering diploma holder after completing section A&B examinations is treated as equivalent to a engineering graduate.

Is passing of section A & B examinations equivalent to Graduation?

YES. A list of Universities & Institutions recognising AMIE equivalent to Graduation (BE. ,Btech. ,BSc(Engg))

I am a 12th standard Science student. I cannot pursue engineering education because of financial constraints.
Is there any way tobecome an engineer with minimum costs ?

Yes IEI provides such an opportunity to you.

Can AMIE students appear for UPSC and MPSC Examinations?


How many total subjects are there in AMIE Examinations?

For Section "A" Diploma stream - 5 subjects.
For Section "A" Non - Diploma. Stream - 10 subjects.
For Section "B" 10 subjects

What is the minimum duration required to complete Section A & B?

There are no such rules. However one can complete both the sections in 3 years if one is able to clear all the subjects in the first attempt.

Can BSc or MSc students get exemption in subjects, for Sec "A" Non - Diploma Stream?

No, one has to pass all the compulsory subjects.

How to select Project after Section-A?

Project related to candidates chosen branch to Engineering in which he is undergoing training has to be selected.

If a student is doing Sec "A" Non-Diploma stream and in the meantime completes Diploma, can he/she change
His /her section from Non Diploma to Diploma Stream?

Yes, he/she can change section to Diploma Stream.

Can a section "B" student change his /her branch and change his/her optional subjects?

Yes after completing requirements.

Can one change branch once applied / opted?

Yes, branch can be changed after following the procedures laid down.

When can one appear for section B examinations?

One can appear in section B examinations only after receipt of the satisfactory report regarding his professional competence from his project guide.

Admissions for Guidance Courses Normally Refresher Courses for students appearing for Section A & B examinations are held twice a year January to May & July to November. Admissions for these courses normally start in the first week of December & June.

Where can I get guidance for preparation of AMIE examinations?

The centre, for last 34 years is organising Refresher Courses to guide students appearing for Section A & B Examinations. These courses are held at the centre's centrally located premises .

We are facing lot of difficulties while studying for AMIE examinations. Is there any programme to guide needy students?

Yes! The center organizes Refreshers Courses for Section A & B examinations. These courses are held between July to October & January to April every year. Admissions for these courses are given from the first week of June & December. Experts in various subjects are invited to guide students at nominal fees.

Other - Questions

Are there any prizes given to meritorious engineers?

Yes, there are number of prizes awarded by the Institution to encourage meritorious work.

How can one become Chairman, Honorary? Secretary or Committee member?

Corporate members attached to the respective divisions elect the Committee members. Such elected committee members elect the Chairman & Honorary secretary.

How can one become the President or Council member?

Corporate members attached to the respective divisions elect the Council members. Such elected council members elect the President.

Are donations given to IEI are exempted from Income Tax?

Yes. Donations given to the Institution are exempted from Income Tax. Please see Donations for further details.

Are premises of the Centre available to the outsiders for programmes?

Yes, PLC extends its Infrastructure to other organisations for their activities.

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