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  99 Years of Relentless Journey Towards Engineering Advancement for Nation Building.
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IEI Maharashtra


The Institution of Engineers (India) [IEI] is the largest multidisciplinary professional body of engineers, established in 1920 withits Headquarters located in Kolkata and incorporated under RoyalCharter on 9th September, 1935 by the then His Majesty of KingGeorge V. The Royal Charter endowed the Institution with theresponsibility to promote the general advancement of engineeringamongst its members and persons attached to the Institution. AfterIndependence, the Institution is a “Body Corporate” protected underArticle 372 of the Constitution of India. The Institution of Engineers(India) is administered by a National Council with the President as itsHead.

The Institution has been serving the engineering fraternity for over aCentury with its national and international presence through 125Centres spread all over India, 6 Overseas Chapters, 6 Fora and anOrgan namely Engineering Staff College of India (ESCI), Hyderabad.The Institution encompasses 15 (fifteen) engineering disciplines witha Corporate membership of over 2 lakhs.

IEI has been recognized as Scientific and Industrial ResearchOrganization (SIRO) by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. ofIndia and besides conducting its own research, provides Grant-in-Aidto UG/PG/ PhD students of Engineering Institutes & Universities.The Institution of Engineers (India) is the first professional body torepresent India in several International Bodies, such as the WorldMining Congress (WMC), the World Federation of EngineeringOrganizations (WFEO), the Commonwealth Engineers’ Council (CEC),the Federation International du Beton (fib), and the Federation ofEngineering Institutions of South and Central Asia (FEISCA). It alsohas bilateral agreements with a number of professional societiesacross the globe.

IEI holds the International Professional Engineers (IntPE) Register forIndia under the global International Professional Engineers Alliance(IntPEA). The Institution also awards the Professional Engineers (PE)Certification.

The Institution of Engineers (India) as a pioneer body has beenconducting Sections A & B Examinations popularly known as AMIE,successful completion of which is recognized as equivalent to adegree in engineering by the Government of India, the Union PublicService Commission, the State Governments and many Public /Private Sector organizations in the country.Ever since its inception, IEI has been the forerunner in setting upnational standards for promoting the country’s industrial base whichculminated on the formation of the Indian Standard Institution (ISI),now called as Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). IEI, in collaborationwith Springer Nature Pvt. Ltd., regularly publishes peer-reviewedinternational journals in five Series, covering fifteen engineeringdisciplines.

IEI issues membership certification to the eligible engineers,technologists and scientists. Charter Engineer, Professional Engineerand International Professional Engineer certifications in variousdisciplines of engineering are also issued by this Institution.During Indian Engineering Congress, National Conventions,Engineers’ Day, recognitions and awards are conferred upon thedistinguished engineers in recognition of their contributions in theengineering domain.

The Institution maintains a panel of highly qualified and wellexperienced Arbitrators having technical and professionalengineering competence covering 15 core engineering disciplinesfrom amongst its Fellow members who are attached to 125 State andLocal Centres of the Institution located all over the country. IEIawards a certificate to the empanelled arbitrators in recognisition oftheir expertise in the field of arbitration. The Institution appointsarbitrator from its panel of arbitrators in various disputes that arise byand between the parties during execution of works / suppliescontracts

The State / Local Centres of IEI spread across the country do organisetechnical activities and provide platform to the stakeholders,technocrats, policy makers and others to share their expertise tobenefit the engineering fraternity.

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